The Alton Elementary School is located at 22 Argyle Road, Alton, Maine 04468.
Telephone:  207.394.2331
Fax:  207.394.2352

Principal:  Cheryl Leonard (
Secretary:  Shelly Spear-Hamilton (
School counselor:  Jami Martell  (

The school day begins at 7:50 and ends at 2:30.
Pre-kindergarten is from 8:00 – 10:30 Monday – Friday

The Alton Elementary School is primarily for students from Alton, Maine from age four through third grade.  There are 3 full time teachers, 3 half time teachers and 5 itinerant teachers for specials.  Enrollment averages at about 40 students with one session of pre-kindergarten, and single grade classroom for K and 3, with a combined grades 1 and 2 classroom.  We have a resource room, a Title 1 teacher for Reading Recovery, literacy and math support and Chapter 104 opportunities.

Breakfast:  Students may have school breakfast from 7:45-8:00 each morning.
K-3  go out to recess at 11:30, then come in for lunch at 11:50. Lunch ends at 12:15.

Monday & Wednesday- Physical Education ( Remember sneakers!)
Tuesday– Library weekly and Guidance bi-weekly
Thursday –Art weekly and Technology bi-weekly
Friday – Music
Our curriculum is closely aligned with the Common Core, Next Gen Science Standards, and Maine Learning Results.  In some subject areas there are programs in use to support that alignment.
Math - Envision 2.0 program
Literacy -  Lucy Calkins writing program, some grades use Lucy Calkins Reading Program
Science – Stem Scopes Program