Routine Information
The Viola Rand Elementary School is located at 55 Highland Avenue, Bradley, Maine 04411
Telephone:  207.827.2508 or 207.827.7557
Fax:  207.827.2508
Principal:  Cheryl Leonard
Secretary:  Heidi Gifford
School counselor:  Kim Ketch
The school day begins at 7:50 and ends at 2:30.
Pre-kindergarten is from 12:00 – 2:30 Monday – Friday

Our motto is “Small School Big Footprints” as we focus on the acquisition of knowledge and the core characteristics of Caring, Respect and Responsibility!
The Viola Rand School is primarily for students from Bradley, Maine in grades pre-kindergarten through second grade.  There are 4 full time teachers, 2 half time teachers and 4 itinerant teachers for specials.  Enrollment now averages at about 50 students.  We have a resource room, a Title 1 teacher for Reading Recovery, literacy and math support and Chapter 104 opportunities.

Daily Schedule:
 7:30 am – the earliest time students should arrive at school
 7:30-7:50 – Breakfast is available.  Morning recess time which ends with the flag salute then dismissal to classrooms.
 8:00 – School day begins; arrivals after this time are considered tardy    2:30 – Dismissal begins: Bradley bus first, then the walkers, then the YMCA bus
 Lunch Schedule:
All students have lunch at 11:30, then begin recess at 11:50.  Recess ends at 12:15.  Students go out unless it is raining or below 10*F.

Monday –        
Tuesday – physical education (Remember sneakers!)
Wednesday – art and guidance
Thursday – physical education                                                            Friday – music and library (Remember your books!)
Our curriculum is closely aligned with the Common Core, Next Gen Science Standards, and Maine Learning Results.  In some subject areas there are programs in use to support that alignment.
Math - Envision 2.0
Literacy -  Lucy Calkins materials
Science – STEMscopes program
Guidance – Second Step curriculum

School Wide Rules:

    • Students will show respect to all others.
    • Students will show respect for the building and all property.
    • Students will use appropriate language.
    • All students will observe a “hands off” policy providing personal space to others.
    • All students will be outside from 7:30-7:50 AM.
    • Students will stay off the ice in winter.
    • Hats off in the building, please!
    • No personal electronic items are allowed to be used during school hours.
    • Kindness and consideration are expected at all times!!